2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the start of mini excavator sales.

YNB300 Search CampaignWe'll buy one from you for up to ¥500,000!


This campaign has ended.Thank you for your application.

Yanmar 50th Anniversary movie

Yanmar  realized it 50 years ago:
Large is no substitute for small.

In 1968, it was normal for Japanese people to work using pickaxes and shovels. That's because at the time, construction machinery was large and it could not be used in Japan's small places. "In that case, they should have made small construction equipment," you might think. It's obvious today, but at that time it was a shocking idea.

Come to think of it, Yanmar has brought many things into the world that today seem like obvious ideas. The ability to dig next to a wall and small rear turning radiuses are other examples. We're happy people now consider these things obvious.

We want to focus on customers and invent the next machine that will be considered an obvious idea. In 2018, as we renew that mission, we're marking the 50th anniversary of the Yanmar mini excavator.

YANMAR Excavator History





Mini excavator with ultra-small turn radius and computer controlled interference prevention mechanism.


Birth of the ViO-6 series

Achieves high economy with an efficient ViO30-6 engine  and hydraulic control.


Birth of the ViO series

A pioneer in small rear turning radiuses.
A step toward a mini excavator standard.



The quietest design in its class and a mechanical interference prevention mechanism that achieves high operating performance.



The emergence of the B3, the first mini excavator with a round superstructure to increase safety.



The dawn of the ultramini era.
The world's first use of rubber crawlers in the mini excavator industry.



This long-selling series has moved a total of more than 10,000 units.



Adopts a slide system to make digging next to a wall possible.



Equipped with a Yanmar engine.
A pioneer in small, self-propelled mini excavators


We'll buy one from you for up to ¥500,000.

Application deadline: 31 October, 2018

The YNB300 has gone missing. We're looking for it.

Seeking information

Name : YNB300 Birth : 1968 (50 years old) Weight : about 1543 lb Height : about 4 feet

If you have one, please contact us.We'll give a reward to the person who provides us with valid information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Entry Rules for Mini Excavator Sales 50th Anniversary Campaign (an Open Campaign)

Before entering to participate in the Mini Excavator Sales 50th Anniversary Campaign (hereafter, "the campaign") by Yanmar Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "the company"), you must read and agree to the following rules (hereafter, "the rules").
Only people who have agreed to these rules may enter to participate in this campaign.

Campaign overview

Five people who provide information on the target product, the YNB300, will be selected by drawing to receive a CASIO G-SHOCK Master of G GRAVITYMASTER GPW-2000-1AJF to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of sales of Yanmar mini excavators.

The company would like to purchase up to three original YNB300s or equipment the company recognizes as close to the original YNB300 for max 500,000 yen (including consumption and withholding tax) per unit from owners of the equipment in question. The company will choose the equipment to purchase using the information provided by entrants.

【Target product】

「YNB300」 (a piece of equipment sold by the company in 1968)

Note: Submissions regarding equipment the company deems quite different from the original YNB300 will not be eligible for this campaign.

Entry period

The deadline for entering to participate in this campaign will be Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

Note: For those entering via the campaign website, entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. JST that day.

How to enter
Apply using the dedicated email address given below.
The campaign office will contact entrants at a later date.
Dedicated application address: global-campaign@ynb300-yanmar.com

Be sure to include the following when applying.

  1. 1. Your email address
  2. 2. Your name
  3. 3. Eyewitness information on the YNB300 Attach photos of the YNB300 if you have any.

Important points

  • Once an entry is completed, we cannot accept changes to the submitted information.
  • People with valid eyewitness information may enter multiple times.
  • The entrant will be responsible for paying communication costs related to his or her entry in this campaign.
  • The campaign website supports the following Web browsers. It may not function properly in a different operating environment.

Recommended browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11 or later (Windows 8 and 10) or Edge 25 (Windows 10)
  • The latest version of Chrome or Firefox (Windows 8 or 10, or Mac OS X), or the latest version of Safari (Mac OS X)
  • The standard browser for Android 6 or later, or that for iOS 10 or later

Note: The entrant will be responsible for paying communication costs related to his or her entry in this campaign.

Qualifications to enter
  • To enter to participate in this campaign, a person must satisfy all the following requirements.
    1. 1. He or she must live in a campaign target country.
  • Employees of the company and people connected to the company may not enter.
  • We cannot buy unregistered construction machinery (or that on which taxes have not been paid, etc.).



  • The prize specifications and design are subject to change.
  • The photos are for illustrative purposes only. The actually specifications may differ from the photos.

Handling of winning rights and prizes
  • Your rights with regard to winning may not be transferred to a third party.
  • The company will not substitute another item or money for a prize.
Drawing method
  • Each person can win only once.
  • Winning in this campaign may make you ineligible to win in any other campaign held by the company in the same period targeting the same product.
Announcement method

The winners will be notified, after the drawing is carefully conducted, with an email we will send in mid-November 2018 containing a URL for an application form for winners only.

Shipping method
  • The company plans to ship prizes within two months of the end of the campaign. Shipping of prizes may, however, be delayed in certain circumstances.
  • The prize delivery address must be within a target country of the campaign.
  • The delivery address must be the address of the winner.
Entry invalidation

When any of the following applies, the entry may be invalidated and a win may be revoked.

  1. 1. There is a deficiency in the content of the entry (the information submitted) such as a mistake or insufficiency in the information provided at the time of entry).
  2. 2. The qualifications to enter are not satisfied.
  3. 3. There has been a violation of these rules, or wrongdoing.
  4. 4. The prize cannot be delivered or the winner doesn't claim it within a certain period of time, because the winner's address or changed address is unclear or the winner is absent for a long period of time.
  • At times it may not be possible to submit an entry through the campaign website because of system maintenance or malfunction or because of network congestion.
Handling of personal information
  • The entrant information input when entering to participate in this campaign (hereafter, "entrant information") will be used to respond to inquiries regarding this campaign, for the drawing and for shipping prizes. In addition, it may be aggregated, analyzed and processed into a form that does not permit individuals to be identified or specified, and then used for product development, service improvement and marketing purposes.
  • The company prevents the leaking or disclosure of entrant information and takes other necessary and appropriate steps to properly control the safety of that information.
  • Unless there is a legal reason based on laws and ordinances, the company will not use entrants' information without their consent and will not provide it to third parties except subcontractors involved in carrying out this campaign.
  • In addition to the above, the company will adhere to the privacy policy in relation to the handling of entrant information.
  • The details of this campaign (prizes, period, etc.) and these rules are subject to change without warning. When there is a change, notice will be given on the campaign website. After the notice is posted, the altered campaign details and rules will apply to everyone.
  • Under certain circumstances, this campaign may be canceled without warning.
Contact information

Direct inquiries about this campaign to the following email address: global-campaign@ynb300-yanmar.com


  • Replies will be sent on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • The company will be unable to respond to inquiries related to entries and drawing results.